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About Us

The story of TUGBOAT – mobile app development boutique


Tugboat is a mobile app development boutique created by Lana Amelina and Oleg Chernyshenko. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.
After seven years in the IT industry, we decided that we have enough expertise to give our clients excellent experience.

Our name

“Tugboats are powerful for their size and strongly built”


As many new businesses do, we gave a lot of thought to the company’s name. Finally, during a walk on the Waterfront, we found the perfect name – Tugboat. We believe it reflects the heart of our business. Our small team knows how to use their energy to help others achieve their goals. A team doesn’t have to be big to be effective; it should be persistent and goal driven.

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Our Team


Oleg Chernyshenko

Technical Lead

Lana Amelina

Creative Director